June 6, 2009



Yet another blossom

June 3, 2009

Yet another blossom

Another Blossom

May 10, 2009


The summer heat is ramping up and the desert is in bloom. Everywhere I look there are delicate little sexpots clamoring for attention and the impregnation of the next generation. What spectacular gifts reproduction blesses us with.

Let me send you a high resolution signed postcard of this beauty…

Life is Ever so Fragile

The First Hedgehog Blossom of the Season

There it was, screaming at me from across the desert, a brilliant beacon of flaming magenta. Hedgehog cactus, in bloom. Spring is in process. The local brittlebush blossoms have passed their peak in only about 2 days. So fast. The hedgehogs will take a more leisurely stroll through the mating process. Come hither, come hither…


July 27, 2008

In the morning. Datura. Before the sun, which causes it to fold up and retreat into it’s own inner thoughts and processes. This weed grows in the most unattractive of locations and rewards those who visit there with such beauty it is hard to reconcile. This one was in a trash heap of road construction rubble south of the town of Winslow, Arizona, during the monsoon season of 2007. I think a rainbow ended here, as well.