Untitled #8

June 2, 2009

Untitled #7


Untitled #7

May 31, 2009

Untitled #7

I’ve been working some more on my series of Portraits of a Forest and offer this up for your pleasure. More will follow. This is shot in near-infrared and manipulated until it suited my fancy. Maybe it’s what it looks like to some insect or other. Or maybe it’s only what it looks like to me. No matter.

Enamel Bowl

May 29, 2009

Enamel Bowl
The forest coughed up this delightful pattern of rust and decay in the form of a badly abused enamel bowl. I was captured by the colors and patterns, have taken several photographs of it, and am still drawn to examine it further. This is one view. I hope you enjoy. Let me know if you’d like a high resolution signed postcard print of this for your very own.

Another Blossom

May 10, 2009


The summer heat is ramping up and the desert is in bloom. Everywhere I look there are delicate little sexpots clamoring for attention and the impregnation of the next generation. What spectacular gifts reproduction blesses us with.

Let me send you a high resolution signed postcard of this beauty…

High Desert Sunset

May 9, 2009

High Desert Sunset

It is all but impossible...

It is all but  impossible to describe the new awareness that comes when words are abandoned.  One is transported back, perhaps, to the world of early childhood when everything is fresh and so much of it is wonderful.  Words can enhance experience, but they can also take so much away.  We see an insect and at once we abstract certain characteristics and classify it – a fly.  And in that very cognitive experience, part of the wonder is gone.  Once we have labeled the things around us we do not bother to look at them so carefully.  Words are part of our rational selves, and to abandon them for a while is to give freer reign to our intuitive selves.

– Jane Goodall, from “Reason to Hope”

Life is Ever so Fragile

Sedona Lichen

May 1, 2009

Sedona Lichen
Scrabbling down the backside of Cathedral Rock, this particular patch of lichen demanded my attention.

Bear Mountain

April 29, 2009

Bear MountainYucca and prickly pear at 5,700 feet in elevation on the trail to Bear Mountain in the background.

High Desert

April 28, 2009

High DesertOff of the Bear Mountain Trail near Sedona, shot in near infrared with my trusty Minolta Dimage 7.  Man am I sorry Minolta cashed out of the camera business – they made good stuff.

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