You Meet the Nicest People…

November 15, 2008

1969 Honda CB350

Walking around behind the hostel in Flagstaff with my infrared camera one afternoon, I spied this vintage Honda veritably screaming at me. Drawn like a moth to a flame I circled ’round it, trying to ascertain if it was a mirage or had some tangible substance to it. I called my friend Gary over, who was waiting patiently out by the street, wanting to continue the walk about the city we had started. He did a double back flip and proceeded to tell me that he had driven a bike just like this from Arkansas to some Central American city or other in the early 70s.

About then the owner of the bike came around the fence, helmet in hand and we got the details. It seems this bike has been in storage for years. Real years. It only has a few thousand original miles on it, so he didn’t have to do a lot of work to get it running again: rebuild the carbs, new tires, a piece of Naugahyde to cover the cracked old seat. He got on it, kick started it (KICK started???, yep! Remember them?) and toodled off to his destination, the sounds of 1969 echoing in Gary’s and my ears.