This Way

November 22, 2008

This Way

Route 66, the desert, and time. An old sign, probably for a motel, maybe for eats. Yours for a donation. Art in minature, thru the mail. Show your friends the way!



September 25, 2008

Shadows of the Fall

September 24, 2008

Days becoming shorter, shadows longer, a chill in the air, and memories seem to lose their hard edges.

Red Rod

September 23, 2008

Summer dreams of freedom and power as the impotent empire crumbles into the dust of history. Well, it was a lot of fun while it lasted. May the next iteration be even better and may we always keep the ability to dream alive and well.

Going to a car show really impresses me with lots of emotions. But the art value alone is one always surprises me. Power and art don’t seem to equate, and yet, just look.

Buy an original signed postcard print of this image for a donation of your choice.

Reds (without Warren Beatty)

September 11, 2008

Red cars DO go faster, don’t they. I’m sure they must. This one is screaming and it’s just sitting there.

You can have an original signed postcard of this car to scream around under your refrigerator magnet if you’d like. Just let me know…

Saturday Sept. 6th was the Route 66 Classic Car show in Flagstaff, Arizona. Life is but a dream, as the song goes…