September 25, 2008


Shadows of the Fall

September 24, 2008

Days becoming shorter, shadows longer, a chill in the air, and memories seem to lose their hard edges.

Red Rod

September 23, 2008

Summer dreams of freedom and power as the impotent empire crumbles into the dust of history. Well, it was a lot of fun while it lasted. May the next iteration be even better and may we always keep the ability to dream alive and well.

Going to a car show really impresses me with lots of emotions. But the art value alone is one always surprises me. Power and art don’t seem to equate, and yet, just look.

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Reds (without Warren Beatty)

September 11, 2008

Red cars DO go faster, don’t they. I’m sure they must. This one is screaming and it’s just sitting there.

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Saturday Sept. 6th was the Route 66 Classic Car show in Flagstaff, Arizona. Life is but a dream, as the song goes…

I’ve worked as a photographer; I’ve worked as a designer; I’ve worked as a photographer for designers. The idea of a designer is to visualize an idea and then figure out how to make it happen. Some designers are real control freaks, attempting to impose their view of reality on the world, and leaving no detail untouched.

Aha, but then comes the point where their design hits the street and they no longer have control. That, it seems to me, is where you separate the good designers from the ego-centric ones. Target has a really good sense of design in their stores and advertising. But the failure to consider that someone was going to have to actually use this trash container as a trash container, and not just another design element in the approach to the store, let it all come crashing down. And you know what? I bet the designer is angry at the maintenence workers who tie their tacky plastic bags around the outside of the containers rather than accepting that a good design would have made allowance for the actual function of the item, and not just it’s visual effect.